How do you stop a process or a frozen application ???

When an application does not want to know propio de unlock your sole remedy is to kill her. There are tools and graphics as “xkill is a command line such as kill. To stop a process, first it is necessary to view the active processes with ps-aux then simply locate the PID associated with the application blocked and run “kill -9 pid of the application” the -9 option indicates the signal de SIGKILL.
To get the list of possible segniali to send just follow the “kill-l
In special cases the fuser command can be useful to identify and stop the process, for example, fuser-v / dev / cdrom (identifies the process that occupies the lecttore). Also can be so fuser-k / dev / cdrom (send kill signal to the process and terminates releasing the resource).

see you Tinix


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